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Thank you for using your real name, and for keeping your comments courteous, constructive, non-egotistical, and relevant to the post. Please no off-topic advertising, commercial promotions, no frequent spelling or grammatical errors, no words in ALL CAPS (shouting), no showboating, no tiresome repetition of a point (ranting), sparing use of exclamations, and a concise length (five or fewer paragraphs). Your comment may not be approved for posting if it doesn’t meet these standards, in our imperfect judgment.

DavidBohmThe authors look forward to editing and improving their posts as a result of any errors or bad thinking you point out, and to changing their views as a result of constructive dialog with and insights from our valued readers. Posts may be modified based on your feedback, and the original may or may not be maintained in those modifications. The author will at least try to acknowledge changes made based on your comments in their responses to your comments.

We strive for Bohm dialog on this blog. The physicist David Bohm’s little book, On Dialog, 1990, explores active listening, striving to think and feel through the other’s point of view, and surfacing and examining our own prejudices and biases as we seek to improve our understanding of each other and the world. Please assume everything you see on this blog is under constant revision, and give everyone the benefit of your doubts. Thanks.

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